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  • Ma'ale Adumim — Hebrew transcription(s)  – Hebrew מַעֲלֵה אֲדֻמִּים, מעלה אדומים  – ISO 259 …   Wikipedia

  • Israel Defense Forces checkpoint — A Israel Defense Forces checkpoint, usually called an Israeli checkpoint ( he. מחסום, machsom ), is a barrier erected by the Israel Defense Forces with the aim of enhancing the security of Israel and of preventing those who wish to do harm from… …   Wikipedia

  • Ni'lin — Other transcription(s)  – Arabic نعلين  – Also spelled Nilin, Na alin (official) …   Wikipedia

  • Tammun — ] Tammun s modern history extends to the 1400s. The town was founded by a groups of Bedouins from the Arabian Peninsula seeking to find a safe location in Palestine with a view of other nearby localities. Over the past four centuries, Arabs from… …   Wikipedia

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